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Point Blank Paintball. Muldersdirfts' Premier Paintball Field.

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You are in for the thrill of a life time - READ ON!!!.

Come join us at Point Blank Paintball, situated at the Valverde Country Hotel and easily accessible from Muldersdrift, Krugersdorp, Pretoria and Northern Johannesburg, for an extreme sports experience of a lifetime...adrenalin pumping, heart stopping, action packed experience with your friends, work colleagues, that poor unsuspecting BACHELOR at the Bachelor Party or just the family. You�ll learn to hone your skills as a team player, dodge paintballs, hide in the smallest places, run like the wind, scramble and fall, splat your opponents, get splattered and build up your courage for the next round. Paintball is a fast paced action packed game that takes skill and courage combined with strategy, power and precision, it also gets a few laughs as well. Come get ADDICTED with POINT BLANK PAINTBALL ! And when you�re finished sit around and relax as you talk about your cunning strategies, show off your splat marks, laugh about your mishaps and wind down..

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